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Try their Candles, and Skin care products once and they will become your 4Eva Scentz.

4Eva Scentz Is a company dedicated to producing the perfect aroma for your home, office or business. All their products are homemade and made from natural ingredients. At this time all featured products are offered strictly online through their website. Their Candles will have a long lasting effect on any space you choose to linger its magnificent aroma, and they are always open to new scent ideas. 4Eva Scentz is know for their candles, but they take great pride in their body care products also!

No harmful additives that could change the natural state of their products will ever be used. For example their body scrubs has a shelf life of up to six months with the proper care. 4Eva Scentz plans to expand their variety of products in the candle, and body care products. They are here to serve their customers whom they remain dedicated too. As always, they are thankful for your potential business.

Owner: Derhiava Gibson

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.965.4449

Email: 4evascentz@gmail.com

Social Media: IG: @EvaScentz FB: Eva.scentz.3

Website: www.4evascentz.com

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