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Astonishing Apparel

Updated: May 13, 2021

Looking for a custom clothing boutique for your next special occasion, check out out Astonishing Apparel.

Astonishing Apparel is a custom clothing boutique featuring a variety of astonishing handcrafted pieces by designer, Jasmine Samone. They specialize in evening gowns, formal gowns, birthday dresses, jumpsuits, etc. Upon placing your order, you have the option to either get your piece tailored to your individual measurements or select a standard size (XS, S, M, L, XL). Jasmine Samone, the founder of Astonishing Apparel, always struggled finding clothes that fit her shape and petite size. Jasmine began creating her own clothes at a young age and immediately started receiving order requests which lead to her starting Astonishing Apparel in May 2015. If you're in need of alterations, Astonishing Apparel would be more than happy to assist you! You can shop with Astonishing Apparel in person, by appointment or at Astonishing Apparel's studio: 2315 Commerce St.Houston, TX 77002 or online at

Owner: Jasmine Samone

Location: 2315 Commerce St. Houston, Tx 77002

Contact: 281.317.7411


Social Media: IG: @astonishingapparel


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