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Bella Pelle Goods

Updated: May 24, 2021

Enhance your skin with handcrafted luxe body care by Bella Pelle Goods.

Bella Pelle was founded in 2015 by Kristen Malone. Kristen began the company after her own struggles with cystic acne. She began to grow tired of purchasing Skin care products from the store that did nothing for her skin, and she rarely knew all the ingredients that were listed. She believed if you cant say an ingredient it does not belong on or in your body. That is when she decided to create and all natural skin care regimen for herself and it worked!

She was able to rid herself of the battle she was having with acne and clear her skin. Kristen then decided she should share her formulas with everyone, birthing her business. Bella Pelle is a handcrafted luxe body care company. They use certified organic ingredients to create skincare systems, and bath products that not only smell great, but heal various skin conditions. Their products are also beneficial to overall skin health. Shop with Bella Pelle Goods today to begin your journey to a life with healthier skin.

Owner: Kristen Malone

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.253.8345


Social Media: IG: @bellapellegoods


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