Bi-Dretech Investments, LLC

If you are ready to invest in your future, it is must you check out Bi-Dretech Investments, LLC.

Bi-Dretech is a Human Capital Investment organization that provides the federal government, it's contractors, and private business services in every aspect of Facilities Supports Services, Administrative Management and Office Services, Administration of Human Resource Programs, and Operations Research and Development Services. In essence everything you need from people to run your business successfully, Bi-Dretech provides a service to match.

Our Story Bi-Dretech began as a commitment by its founders to rescue a community program which had lost the sponsorship of its federal contractor and private business partners. The community program was a collaborative effort of federal contractors, private business, social agencies and groups to provide job training and educational tools to help residents in historically underutilized business zones attain the transferable skills necessary to find work in new industries. As a result of an extended government shutdown the entire program was ended. As philanthropists we decided to assist the displaced participants in attaining and/or sustaining their employment on federal contracts through temporary employment and training thereby saving careers, families, and opportunities. Having witnessed the incredible impact on the lives of those we helped we decided to invest our total efforts in this work and Bi-Dretech Investments LLC was born.

Owners: Andre Anthony

Location: 7030 Cullen Rd., Houston, TX 77021

Contact: 281.721.9489



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