Big Easy Daiquiris Frozen Treats

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Looking for Gourmet Snowballs & Daiquiri Ice Cream? Check out Big Easy Daiquiris Frozen Treats for your next tasty treat.

Big Easy Daiquiris Frozen Treats is bringing the true essence of New Orleans in every snowball, every Daiquiri and frozen treat they serve. With names like “Bourbon Street Blast” and Fancy “French Quarter”, their customers can “taste the culture” of New Orleans. Big Easy Daiquiris Frozen Treats uses a syrup made with 100% sugar cane which originate from Louisiana which is also gluten-free. They add the classic childhood candies to their snowballs and cereal which is optional to their ice cream. Instead of the vanilla and chocolate, they offer gourmet and colorful soft serve ice cream ranging from delectable deep blue to royal purple. Their Daiquiris encompass a special Louisiana blend that enhances sweetness without the gluten! For the kiddos, They have their frozen slushees. Stop by and given them a try today.

Owners: Carissa Carter

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 832.381.8882


Social Media: IG:@bigeasydaiquirisfrozentreats

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