Black Beard Brigade

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Men, It's time to get those beards together for cuffing season. Check out Black Beard Brigade for your natural hair growth products needs.

Consistently obtaining quality products and great service has been hard to come by. So, the owner of Black Beard Brigade began to create his own beard balm, beard butter, face wash, and beard oil, and later decided to share them with the world. Black Beard Brigade carries grooming products that are primarily geared towards the bearded community, but they can also be used for women and children as well. Their oil, balm, and butter are excellent for the hair on your head, and the butter can also be used as a lotion. The product line also consists of sandalwood combs, horsehair brushes, boar’s hair brushes, and Dopp bags. Black Beard Brigade uses 100% natural ingredients to promote healthy skin and hair.

Owner: Karl Jackson

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 317.850.3151


Social Media IG: @BlackBeardBrigade


Key Words: Mens Skin Care Self Care

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