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Updated: May 16, 2021

Treat your skin with organic products from BlakSkyCosmetics.

Owner LaTasha Nero has always had issues with hyperpigmentation on her skin and going to get facials at the spa often, can be expensive. She then thought that maybe it wasn't her skin care regimen, but the products that were involved in that routine. She started creating her own products for an all natural skin care routine, in addition to steaming her face and it worked.

On her journey, she became a mom and her son developed eczema at three months. She bought every over the counter product that claimed to help with eczema, and nothing was clearing his skin, or helping him retain moisture. LaTasha would have to re-apply products multiple times a day. After not being able to find anything that worked, she was inspired to create BlakSkyCosmetics, an organic plant based skincare line. With her knowledge and experience from her own skin issues and now her son's eczema, she wanted to help others. BlakSkyCosmetics helps heal and promote good healthy skin.

Owner: LaTasha Nero

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.373.7140


Social Media: IG: @blakskycosmetics


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