Bliss Massage Therapy

In need of Massage Therapy, Bliss Massage Therapy is the perfect solution for you.

Bliss Massage Therapy is a Mobile Massage Therapy Company that provides massage services throughout the Houston area. Bliss Massage Therapy specializes in athletic recovery, injury prevention and post injury rehabilitation. Having an athletic background sets Bliss Massage Therapy apart because they are able to relate to clients on a personal level.

Bliss Massage Therapy is most proud of being able to help athletes reach their full potential and also increase the longevity of their athletic careers. Bliss Massage Therapy has had the privilege of working with high school athletes, Olympic athletes and also professional athletes. Bliss Massage Therapy has achieved much success by the grace of God, having Faith, Patience and Persistence. With this formula you are destined to elevate.

Owner: Amber Lewis

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 504.913.8193


Social Media IG: @bliss_massagetherapy


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