Blown Assignments

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Elevates the relationship between coaches and athletes with Blown Assignments.

Blown Assignments LLC strengthens accountability and communication between student athletes and their coaches enabling them to create and track sports-related and academic Key Performance Indicators. The KPIs allow for student athletes to compete on an even playing field by way of focusing on percentage to a goal forecast.

Blown Assignments is an app that elevates the relationship between coaches and athletes by using accountability and effective communication. Coaches can give athletes the direction they need to reach 100% of their potential through commitment and discipline. Athletes are given directions from their coach to set core athletic goals and develop a winner’s state of mind.

Owners: Woodrow Scriven, II & Paul Van der Maas

Location: 1334 Brittmoore Rd, Houston, TX 77043

Contact: 919.641.2053


Social Media IG: @Blownassignments Twitter: @Blownassignment


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