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Body Fixx

Updated: May 25, 2021

Feeling tense? Get a Body Fixx today!

Body Fixx is a business that is all about naturally healing the human body through wellness and preventative care. From self care with body work like massages, stretching, cupping, and adjustments to using products that are homemade using all natural ingredients. Products include all natural body butters & body scrubs for moisturizing, dry brushes for exfoliation of the skin, facial & body massage oils, jade rollers, and all-natural soaps.

Body Fixx was created when Tesia started in Chiropractic School and had just finished attending Massage Therapy school at night. She was excited and eager to start healing others with her hands. Waking up with pain in your low back for instance, is something that is all to common and something that people should not just be living with.

The company goal at Body Fixx, is to get people to realize that with routine body work (listed above), body aches and pains can be relieved and we can get out of the habit of “just living” with pain or discomfort. BodyFixx is providing natural health care and lifestyle alternatives to any and everyone that is ready for their fixx.

Owners: Tesia Jones

Location: 10350 South Post Oak Suite 507 Houston, Texas 77035

Contact: 832.377.9437


Social Media IG: @body.fixx FB: htxbody.fixx


Key Words: Massage Therapy

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