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Calming Nectars

Updated: May 16, 2021

Calm your nerves and relax your mind with Calming Nectars.

Calming Nectars CBD is a brand created from owner Eryka Flemings-Tyler's own experience. She has worked as a athletic trainer and witnessed the tremendous health benefits of CBD oils and topicals in recovery and pain management. Having this experience working with CBD has lead her to pursue Calming Nectars to educate and promote CBD to her community and help remove the stigma.

Calming Nectars not only provide services for athletes, but also for those experiencing high stress. Whether it be from your career, the current Pandemic, or everyday life. CBD Bath bombs, Tabs, and Nano have been proven to relieve anxiety and stress. This is a healthier holistic approach to supporting your overall mental health. Their goal in this space is to help as many people as possible, by providing products to the over extended, overworked and the overwhelmed. Let them help you unwind and Keep Calm with their amazing CBD products.

Owner: Eryka Tyler

Location: PO Box 1159 Manvel, TX 77584

Contact: 713.444.7956


Social Media: IG: @CalmingNectars


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