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Capital Strategies

Updated: May 13, 2021

Let Capital Strategies alleviate compliance and fundraising burdens so you can focus on your mission.

Capital Strategies is is the first declared black woman owned political compliance and financial services firm in the United States. They are not shy in their efforts to approach candidates who represent, and reflect the minority population in their country. Capital Strategies prides itself on its unwavering mission, to financially stabilize the underserved.

Through the alleviation of compliance and fundraising burdens, Capital Strategies gives its clientele the freedom to focus on their mission. At Capital Strategies, they make it their priority to provide extensive compliance management, monitoring, and reporting. Additionally, they offer strategic fundraising and financial project management.

Owner: Yladrea Drummond

Location: 2700 Cullen Blvd., #84257 Pearland, TX 77584

Contact: 832.243.2396


Social Media: IG: @capital.strategies

FB: Capital Strategies, LLC


Key Words: Political Compliance Financial Services Firm

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