Chè Touch Massage & Wellness

Bring your next spa day to the comfort of your own home with Chè Touch Massage & Wellness.

Chè Touch Massage & Wellness developed as an independently owned Massage Therapy Practice, operating with the following purpose: to provide quality service and care; to have freedom to create personalized, comprehensive treatment plans, rather than the factory-like, "one size fits all" massage experiences; and to express loyalty to clients' wellness and needs. Treating clients from all walks of life, Chè Touch specializes in relaxation and pain management by offering swedish, alleviation, trigger point, aromatherapy, and a slew of customizable techniques.

Although Chè Touch offers similar services as other massage establishments, the difference is, Chè Touch is completely MOBILE & brings the relaxation to you! Each session is curated to bring relief, repair, and wellness reign, complete with natural essential oils to enhance each. We help you create a peaceful environment within the comforts of your own home, ensuring positive energy prevails. No need to leave your home for spa-like treatments; you'll never get off our table feeling the same way you did before getting on. Let Chè Touch bring the relaxation to you, because our touch can relieve.

Owner: Chaunessey Franklin

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 281.545.3527


Social Media: IG: @chetouchmassage


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