Chicago's Famous Fried Chicken & Fish

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Looking for a taste of Chicago right here in Houston,TX? Check out Chicago's Famous Fried Chicken & Fish.

Chicago’s Famous Fried Chicken is bringing a bounty of quintessentially Windy City fare straight to the streets of Houston, TX. They’re whipping up fried catfish and chicken according to Chitown tradition, a must for foodies across The Lone Star State. This truck is a testament to Chicago’s status as the culinary capital of the Midwest, so be sure to stop on by the next time you’re in need of a heaping helping of comfort food.

Chicago-style chicken and catfish are known for their savory breading and extra, extra crispy exteriors. Of course, these fried eats wouldn’t be complete without the classic Windy City mild sauce. This barbecue-like spread comes with some extra vinegar zing plus some sweet undertones, a distinct flavor fans of all things tangy simply must sample. Getting hungry? Then either stop by Chicago’s Famous Fried Chicken or book ‘em for your next event. Either way, this spread of quintessentially Midwestern fare is sure to please.

Owners: Chris Smith

Location:12303 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077

Contact: 832.617.5775


Social Media IG:@chicagoschicken


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