CORRUPT Cupcaquiri

If you're looking for some deliciously sweet treats it's a must you check out CORRUPT Cupcaquiri today.

CORRUPT is an artisanal pop-up cake shop specializing in premium and unique cake products. From Bailey's infused cakes to our best-selling banana pudding cakes, they pride themselves in creating delicious desserts for consumers while using the highest quality ingredients for exponentially superior and potent flavor profiles. It is their objective to deliver nothing short of decadent satisfaction along with a yearning for more. CORRUPT was founded and manifested out of nothing more than pure spontaneity and drive; the drive to have a dream and to chase it. It is thei r sole goal to share a little goodness with you and contribute to a moment of happiness in your lives with premium, high quality ingredients that'll make the best of memories abundantly fulfilling!

Owner: Camri Kuykendall

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 346.268.7849


Social Media: IG: @corrupt.cupcaquiri


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