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De'Scent Candles

Updated: May 24, 2021

Light your home or work space with candles from De'Scent Candles.

De'scent Candles provides 100% handmade luxury candles that will have your home/office lit within 10 mins. De'scent candles mission is to provide candles that are made from high quality wax that also provides robust scents. De'scent Candles provides 8 oz & 15 oz paraffin wax candles that consist of the most vibrant colors & amazing scents you've ever witnessed.

De'scent Candles signature collection consists of 15 candles. The candle names range from 24 karats, roc-a-fella, strawberry martini, the jumpoff, the blueprint etc. De'scent Candles also provides 3 oz fragrance oil of any scent of your choice for burners/warmers. Two tone swirl candles (15 oz) are also available via custom order, you can pick your favorite color & your favorite De'scent fragrance to have them mixed together just for you.

At De'scent Candles, they believe "Thee best scent just light the wick." Their candles are guaranteed to scent is in the air within the first 8 minutes of being lit. If you want your home lit you must shop De'Scent.

Owners: Marsheena Riggsbee

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.291.0535


Social Media: IG: @de_scent_candles FB: Descent Candles


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