Diaper Cakes By Shay

Make sure your baby shower gift is the best gift on the table with Diaper Cakes By Shay.

Diaper Cakes By Shay's mission is to create unique Diaper Cakes to fit an Idea or theme for your special occasion. We can create Football fields , strollers, wagons and so much more all from Diapers. We work hard to make sure each gift will be the best gift on the table. If you'll looking for the perfect baby shower gift, let Diaper Cakes By Shay create your Baby Shower gift, so don't have to go empty handed.

Owners: Britney Curtis

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.893.2133

Email: britneycrts@yahoo.com

Social Media FB: Shay Diaper Cakes

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