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Dining with Dria

Updated: May 24, 2021

Get on track to living a healthy life with Dining with Dria.

Dining with Dria is a healthy meal prep company. They pride themselves on low sodium and big flavor! Dining with Dria specializes in healthy, perfectly-portioned meal prep options. Customers can choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as, guilt-free snacks! What makes them unique is that they update their menu weekly to reframe from the mediocracy of repetitive meals.

As a company, they are most proud of seeing customers' weight loss results due to their commitment, discipline, and their continuous support of Dining With Dria. Online ordering is available Sunday to Thursday . On weekends, Dining with Dria prepares all meals fresh with the option for Sunday delivery or can pick up. You can order breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between guilt free snacks from as low as $3. Meals typically range between $8 – $13.

Dining with Dria also provide bundles, where you can buy more and spend less! Dining with Dria also creates an Everything But Salt All Purpose Seasoning available for purchase. Whether it’s meat, veggies, or an entire feast, Dining with Dria's seasoning will definitely make a statement at any dinner table, and allow you to take total control of your sodium intake. Low sodium, Big Flavor - The Dining With Dria way! Changing one family at a time to a healthier lifestyle.

Owners: Schandria Reece

Location: Cypress, TX

Contact: 281.698.7474


Social Media: IG: @diningwithdriatx FB: Dining With Dria


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