Dunia Organix

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Treat your skin to luxury with Dunia Organix.

Dunia Organix was born in 2017 and began as a hobby, as most passions do. Their founder was a Biology student who combined her love of science, nature, and skincare to create a sustainable regimen for those looking for simple yet effective products. Utilizing Earth's Elixirs to give you a natural glow! All of their products are organic and cruelty-free, only testing on beings that look like you and me dunia [/du.ni.a/] noun. Swahili 1. Earth 2. World

Owners: Aliyah Houston

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.419.2451

Email: contact@duniaorganix.com

Social Media IG: @duniaorganix

Website: www.duniaorganix.com

Key Words: Skin Care

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