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EaDeaux's Cajun Cocina

Updated: May 16, 2021

Looking for something different to eat? Check out EaDeaux's Cajun Cocina where cajun meets TexMex.

Eadeaux's Cajun Cocina is a wholly unorthodox food truck, blending together the soul of authentic Cajun cuisine with south of the border eats on the streets of Houston. Which is anything but a bad thing. It's actually the best thing, because they're sticking to modern food truck trends, fusing together popular cuisine types and crafting all original recipes to tantalize your tastebuds.

At Eadeaux's Cajun Cocina, their commitment to using only the freshest quality ingredients shines through in every dish, combining imported spices and seasonings with quality meats and veggies. Get a hearty serving of classic dishes from the bayou including chicken and sausage gumbo and crawfish etouffee, or load 'em up on nachos to try out street food on a whole new level of delicious. But that's not all. Eadeaux's got tacos for days, stuffing in boudin sausage, fajita beef and chicken into those handheld goodies. Oh, and stuffed bread and smothered okra. If all this sounds amazing to you (and it should), head on out to the streets of Houston. Either that or invite Eadeaux's Cajun Cocina to cater your next event. It's time you try something new for a change, and Eadeaux's has just the stuff.

Owners: Jason & Starr Harry

Location: 2919 Leeland St. Houston, TX 77003

Contact: 281.763.8722


Social Media: IG: @eadeauxs


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