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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Looking for high quality black owned products? Check out Ebony Kay, Like Mary Kay, but with black owned products.

Shay Bell has a background in business & marketing and she has always had a passion for educating people about the value in group economics within the Black community. Ever since she can remember, she has always noticed the "go-getting", hard working, and entrepreneurial spirit of Black.women..whether it was in a corporate environment, selling unregulated electricity, to selling Mary Kay. Her idea turned into a business when she noticed that she became an unofficial brand ambassador for many Black owned products that supported her basic household needs such as laundry detergent, hygiene, and bath/body products. She began to meet like minded women that shared my ideas on economic independence, entrepreneurship, as well as a passion for having easy access to quality Black owned products in our every lives.

Ebony Kay offers a pathway to economic freedom as an independent Ebony Kay consultant as well as being able to shop & having access to an array of high quality Black owned manufactured products. Ebony Kay is similar to Mary Kay, except with products that Black People love and that are made by Black Americans. Ebony Kay products range from household consumables to bath and body products. Its signature product is True Laundry detergent which is a high quality, Black owned and manufactured Laundry detergent.It's four times as concentrated as the other brands, contains only 8 ingredients, great for high efficiency washers, biodegradable, it contains no animal byproducts/vegan, not tested on animals, smells amazing, and you can wash up to 101 loads with it! Ebony Kay gives back to the community by offering a low cost opportunity towards economic independence for Black families

Owners: Shay Bell

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 619.408.7859

Email: eminentapparel1@gmail.com

Social Media: IG: @shopebonykay

Website: www.Ebonykay.com

Key Words: Whole Sale Distribution

#HouseHoldItems #LaundryDetergent #WholeSaleProducts #BathAndBodyProducts #CleaningProducts

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