Elite Totum

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Spice up your jewelry collection with beautiful custom made jewelry from Elite Totum.

Elite Totum creates hand-made fine beaded Jewelry. Their goal is and always will be to bring women together while simultaneously working with self esteem issues placed on women to mold themselves into society's standards of sexy/attractive. Their business is for the cultured woman; the woman who will decorate her flaws. In the future, Elite Totum will branch off into finer metals and stones, elevating the brand and allowing them to be a household name in the fashion/jewelry industry. Elite Totum is not built on trends so their pieces are and forever will be timeless.

Owner: Angelica Henegan

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 832.570.0727

Email: elitetotum@gmail.com

Social Media: IG: @elitetotum

Website: www.elitetotum.com

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