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Entrepreneur Showcase | Boss Network evolved as Chemberli LaChaille sought encouragement in her own entrepreneurial pursuits as a photographer & filmmaker. She was facing the very common challenge of gaining exposure to get customers. Not sure of the best way to go about it, Chemberli set out to tell the stories of other entrepreneurs. It was important for her to give them what she was needing - a platform to showcase their business & support to continue living out their dreams.

Entrepreneur Showcase | Boss Network offers creative filmmaking to help entrepreneurs share their unique stories. These videos are a great tool for entrepreneurs to build their brand and market their products/services. Additionally, videos are featured on ESBN platforms (including website & social media pages) to help increase exposure.

Understanding the financial limitations that many start-ups & small businesses face, Entrepreneur Showcase | Boss Network has formulated their services to put quality marketing within reach. They believe when we follow our hearts, we can achieve incredible things & the world is made better because of it. This is why they want to share the incredible stories of people who are choosing to live out their dreams. This labor of love continues to be an inspiration to them & it is their hope that it will be for many others as well!

Owner: Chemberli LaChaille

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.446.7529

Email: esbntv@yahoo.com

Social Media: IG: @entrepreneurshowcasehouston

Website: www.esbntv.wix.com/online

Keywords: Film Making

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