Excuse The Disturbance Productions, LLC.

Capture your motion pictures with Excuse The Disturbance Productions, LLC.

Excuse The Disturbance Productions was formed in late 2013. Founded in Gretna, LA, Ruston Hill began to express himself in the art of videography and media editing; which he graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana with a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications with a concentration of Electronic Media in May 2015. He then moved to Houston in 2018 and has been additionally servicing the Houston, Tx area including the surrounding area while traveling.

Excuse The Disturbance Productions, LLC. specializes in providing videography & media editing services of all kinds as well as photography services. “Videography is a motion picture of feelings & emotions!”

Owners: Ruston Hill

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 504.444.6374

Email: excusethedisturbance@yahoo.com

Social Media IG: @ExcuseTheDisturbance

Website: www.ExcuseTheDisturbance.com

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