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Faith of a Mustard Seed

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Add a little faith to your wardrobe with Faith of a Mustard Seed!

Just Faith Clothing brand was created in Houston, TX. Being immersed in the Houston culture day by day understanding the community that we service has a need for a positive voice that can be seen from across the world not only to represent faith but showing off how much faith can carry you.Wearing Just Faith Clothing brand is a state of being when you wear the brand you understand that "Im-Possible" is the only phrase that matters. Delivering that message to over 2 million people (about the population of Houston, TX) Is extremely important to create a new culture in our thriving city.

Our vision for the city is to be allowed to collaborate and bridge generational gaps so that we may foster the development of a shift in the way our community runs. Faith takes us farther than we can imagine, being Sunnyside residence, we had nothing but faith to guide us through life. Coming from such a humble beginning & landing here with a company geared towards the betterment of society is an amazing feeling! The inspiration of the clothing design derived from life throwing curve balls and faith guiding us, having faith has allowed for triumph for many individuals including us here at The Just Faith Clothing brand.

Owner: Rashad Garrett

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.418.0743


Social Media: IG: @justfaithmvmt


Key Words: Fashion

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