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Family is Forever

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Learn how to invest money, understand real estate, and finance cars with Family is Forever.

At Family is Forever, your financial future starts here! Owner Anthony Dodson is a credit repair specialist, tri-state realtor, author, options trader and father based in Houston, TX. An Aiken, SC native, Dodson was raised by his grandmother due to his parents’ incarceration. After college, Dodson moved to Charlotte, NC after losing two of his closest childhood friends.

Anthony grew depressed following these events but knew he needed to push through to support his family.When the pandemic hit, Dodson picked up real estate, stock investing, and credit repair, using the last bit of money he had to invest into these ventures. He learned the ins and outs of financial literacy including how to maximize credit potential and wrote his first book, Bridging The Gap, a financial literacy workbook to understand how to let the dollar work for you.

This program helps people get funding, invest money, understand real estate, and finance cars. Dodson helps ordinary people create and scale businesses. His primary focus is giving the hood a legal and legitimate way out. The amount of support he received inspired him to educate the next generation of children to get them a step ahead in understanding the importance of credit. This outcome, lead him to write his most recent book. “Finding 750”, for those 6+ about a black girl who educates readers about increasing your credit score and the importance of credit. Dodson works hard to give the inner community hope and financial assistance that many wouldn’t have otherwise known. His goal is to teach them what the kids in the suburbs have known all along. 

Owner: Anthony Dodson

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 803.439.8354


Social Media: IG: @kuriosity_effect


Keywords: Financial Solutions

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