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Flames Igniting Your Energy

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Ditch the wax, Flames Igniting is providing all your soy candle needs!

Traditional candles are made with Paraffin, which is not the safest thing to inhale as it burns, and it also stains walls, and linens as it burns. Flames Igniting makes 100% handmade soy candle company! With scents that are preferred over traditional candle companies. They carry candles in various sizes and scents, as well as featuring multi-layer Candles that give you different scents as it melts.

Their wax melts (traditional and unique) come in different shapes and scents.They also provide specialty dessert candles and incense! Flames Igniting is the home for all your fragrance needs! Online ordering is now offered through their website, which also list their featured products.

Owners: Jada Gaines

Location: Missouri City, Tx

Contact: 832.599.5953


Social Media IG: @Flamesignitingyourenergy


Keywords: Soy Handmade Candles

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