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Glazed - The Doughnut Café

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Craving some gourmet doughnuts? It's a must you check out Glazed - The Doughnut Café.

Glazed is Houston’s family owned and operated hand made doughnut café with a focus on specialty doughnuts. They are committed to providing you with the freshest, sweetest and most amazing doughnuts in the city of Houston. At Glazed, you can find everything from our maple bacon doughnut named #TheMacon, and their famous Glazed Breakfast Sandwich (Glazed doughnut sliced in half filled with bacon, egg and cheese).

Glazed is determined to make every single person who walks through their doors feel comforted. By the way they are welcomed, the customer service that is provided, and the awesome donuts they receive. You can enjoy a Glazed doughnut any day or time because they are open 24/7. So go on by the next time you are craving something deliciously different.

Owners: Ose Ohen, Dr. Omonele Nwokolo, Ehinor Ohen, and Dr. Amy Mauritz

Location: 1333 Old Spanish Trail, Houston TX 77054

Contact: 346.718.2846


Social Media: IG: @eatglazed


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