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Graceful Couture

Updated: May 16, 2021

When it comes to providing women of substance with styles that exemplify elegance and tastefulness, Graceful Couture is the place to shop online.

Graceful Couture is an online clothing boutique which provides simple elegance & tastefulness, while presenting style to women of substance. Graceful Couture's goal is to assist women of all shades, sizes, and style preferences feel and look beautiful. They believe that our differences are what contributes to our beauty. Graceful Couture finds value in achieving the goal of helping women by providing fashionable pieces that present style and grace.

Owner: Krystal Turpeau-Ricks

Location: Katy,TX

Contact: 337.344.0380


Social Media: IG: @gracefulcouture_boutique


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