Herban Frequency

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Looking for some amazing Vegan food to satisfy your taste buds? Check out the Herban Frequency food truck to fulfill your appetite.

Herban Frequency is a H-town grown 100% Vegan Food truck. They are passionate about changing the narrative of what a vegan should "look, sound & act" like; hence the Herban/Urban entendre. The owner of Herban Frequency; Alexis Suhara was a professional audio engineer, and approaches cooking the same way she would a music mix; attention to detail, flavor balance of highs & lows, leveled spices, passion and loving energy all to cultivate a high frequency "Opus" of a dish.

Herban Frequency is well known for their infamous "Drank" an alkaline berry lemonade and their vegan burgers. They create all of their seasoning blends, sauces, graphic design, sound and multimedia in house. Each one of their menu offerings has a correlating #Soundbite which is an audio commercial/song describing the flavor mix. Follow their social media for their food truck schedule.

Owner: Alexis Suhara

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 310.902.1606

Email: herbanfrequency@gmail.com

Social Media: IG: @Herbanfrequencypullup

Website: www.herbanfrequency.com

Key Words: Vegan Food Truck

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