His + Hers Candles

Updated: Sep 24

Treat yourself to wonderful scents with His + Hers Candles.

At His + Hers Candles they cater to men and women with candles scents, wax melts and bath bombs! They are 100% black owned! Every candle, wax melt and bath bombs is hand made in their home! Shopping with His + Hers you can find scented candles and bath & body products. Their number one focus is always on customers satisfaction and creating overall health and healing.  Once you’ve tried these products, you will be back for more! 

Owners: Deli Turn

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.376.4657

Email: hisplusherscandles@gmail.com

Social Media IG: @hishers_scents

Website: www.Hisplusherscandles.com

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