Homeschool with ELA

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Making Homeschooling Interactive and Engaging!

Feeling stuck? Want support and friendships for your homeschooling journey? We invite you & your child(ren) to join HomeSchool with ELA for experiential learning through play and exploration. Homeschool with ELA is a non-traditional, engaging and effective change to the learning framework. Experience a unique approach to education where "LEARNING IS AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME"!

Chemberli started homeschooling her son after leaving a traditional teaching career that was stressful, to say the least. Her mission then became to teach her son in a way that he could really connect to- that was meaningful, fun, and most importantly interactive. There are so many exciting and wonderful things to learn, for both parents & children alike with home schooling. After nearly 6 years of this learning approach & seeing first-hand the incredible results it has yielded — Chemberli wants to encourage other parents/children in this same way! It is her hope that together we can explore this magnificent world through education—one adventure at a time!

Owners: Chemberli Greene

Location: Houston, Texas

Contact: 713.446.7529


Social Media IG: @HomeschoolWithELA


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