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Homeschool with ELA

Help your children discover & develop their unique greatness with Homeschool with ELA.

Homeschool with ELA offers learning experiences designed to fortify our Black children. Our focus is Afro-centric enrichment through Black Boy/Black Girl empowerment activities, Cultural & Self awareness, Critical thinking, Team building, Talent & Leadership development and more. A FUNdamental approach to learning - we're all about giving our children fun and engaging opportunities to explore the world around them and make discoveries!

We are also equipping our children to build the Black community - learning and growing together sets the stage for developing a deep sense of pride and belonging. We go across Houston to explore amazing works of Black people and utilize the experiences to help our children discover & develop their unique greatness and ways to further advance our community. We are all about adventure trips and teaching life skills. We recognize the lineage from which we are derived and in celebrating the greatness of those who came before us, we are also cultivating cultural pride and confidence for our future generations. Bringing real life and relevance to our youth.

Owner: Chemberli Greene

Location: Houston,Tx

Contact: 713.446.7529


Social Media: IG: @homeschoolwithela


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