Indigo Restaurant

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Looking for a new restaurant with food to feed the soul? Check out the Indigo Restaurant & satisfy your taste buds.

At Restaurant Indigo they use history, culture, and social experiences to guide our cooking. While primarily focusing on the history of African Americans, they use modern and ancient food ways to segway soul food. 

Through the crucible of oppression, African slaves and Indigenous Americans birthed soul food in the southern parts of the United States of America. Fresh New World crops in conjunction with Old World crops, African- Indigenous ingenuitive food ways, and animal carcass scraps gave weight to low culture cooking. This deep and dark history of systematic oppression and mass incarceration is tethered to the food world. Restaurant Indigo will use this history and current times to incubate Neo-Soul food. The term soul food was created during the 1960's Civil Rights Movement. With ongoing mass incaceration and poverty, a new wave of soul food has emerged. Chef Jonathan "Jonny" Rhodes' tasting menu is a revised reflection of what it is like eating through the "isms" of America as a copper-colored person.

Owner: Jonathan Rhodes

Location: 517 Berry Rd Houston, TX 77022

Contact: ​ 832.582.6388


Social Media IG: @restaurant_indigohtx


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