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Looking for natural beauty creams & hair care products. Check out Inside Out Zen.

InSideOut Inc. has been in existence since 1996. Since that time they’ve been Blessed to service over 300,000 individual clients.  At InSideOut Inc., building a stable, strong, trusting professional relationship with their clients is their number one priority.  It’s Inside Out Zen's responsibility to make sure every individual leave  with an abundance of knowledge and tools to achieve a healthier lifestyle than when they arrived.  Their goal is to ensure their clients are equipped with enough information so they can successfully begin a stable and healthy lifestyle. 

Inside Out Zen's latest amazing wellness tool has been in researching and understanding scientific information and studies surrounding the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef bone broth and actually applying grass-fed beef tallow directly to skin and hair. After researching for over two years, reading hundreds of documents, studies and articles, applying trial and error, they finally achieved the perfect formula for creating an amazing collection of Organic Tallow Butters for hair and skin. This was the creation and development of the Violet & James Collection, a nutritious and re-birthing hair and skin cream like no other found in the natural and cosmetic industry.

Owners: Janice Jackson

Location: 6515 Corporate Dr. Houston, TX 77036

Contact: 832.372.2425


Social Media: IG: @violetandjamescollection


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