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Johnny's Gnat Trap

Get rid of those pesky gnats and fruit flies with Johnny's Gnat Trap.

Johnny’s Gnat Trap was created in 2015 and named after Owner Johnia's, late father, Johnny. Johnia is a self-taught florist and owner of Happy Stems, The Flower Company LLC. Our traps are made safe for your home, business, anywhere for that matter. Also try our Johnny’s Fruit & Veggie Wash, Johnny’s Mosquito Repellant, and Johnny’s Raw Juices, all free from toxins, made to order, with apple cider vinegar as the primary ingredient for each product, excluding the raw juices.

Owner: Johnia Henderson

Location: Spring, TX

Contact: 281.858.3296


Social Media: IG: @johnnysgnattrap


Keywords: Home Improvements

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