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Jordy’s Corner

Updated: May 11, 2021

Change your diet for a healthier lifestyle with Jordy’s Corner.

Chef Jordan Denard created Jordy’s Corner to help Educate people of color on how our eating habits affect us in the long run, physically and mentally. Chef Jordan has experience deaths within the family due to health conditions, mainly caused by the unhealthy eating habits that cause internal health problems. Jordan wanted to dedicate her life to helping others especially POC change a few of their eating habits that she hopes ultimately will add many years to your life.

From vegan/non vegan private dinners, detox alkaline waters, to meal preparation customized for your health conditions. She does it all! Every Sunday she provides a pop up called “Jordy’s Sunday Lunch” selling preps where customers place orders ahead and pick up in Third Ward At a designated spot. Jordy’s Corner has been running since September 2017 where Jordan started cooking at the beautiful historic landmark the shape center. She is excited to share more with you in the future and can’t wait to see how business grows! Peace and Love! -Jordy

Owner: Jordan Denard

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 346.267.0169


Social Media: IG: @Jordyscornerhtx

Key Words: Chef Healthy Food Meal Prep

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