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Julia Cooks

Updated: May 11, 2021

Are you ready to create a healthy life for yourself? Check out Julia Cooks to jumpstart your health journey today.

Julia Hogan-McNeil is the founder of "Julia-Cooks Organic Super Foods".  

During the last part of October 2013, Julia awoke to find her eyesight was extremely blurry and in the following days her vision slowly began to fade. She began to have trouble standing and walking on her own,  her fingers progressively began to curl into a fist and become red and hot.  In the coming days she began to lose feeling.  She could no longer feel her skin or the feeling of objects, the only thing she could feel was pain through her entire body. The feeling was like she was in a tightly fit compression garment and she was then bed ridden.

As a result of being bed ridden and loss of muscle movement, she was constipated for almost 3 months, and was gaining weight at a rapid rate.  She picked up 50+ pounds as a result.  She had been diagnosed with an acute aggressive form of M.S. due to her neglecting her health in the past and her body was paying the price.  She became deeply depressed and was in a bitter place in life.

This is where she reached out to a stranger, who is now her healing sister Marcia Smith and began "Our 30 Day Detox Clinic" where she ingested only organic foods, juicing, and it brought her back into LIVING!

Julia Cooks is Your Expert in Organic Super Food Salads, Juicing, Alkaline Water and More! They offer meal plans, meal prep, juice detox plans, food truck locations and catering for events. Contact them today to start your fabulous health journey.

Owner: Julia Hogan-McNeil

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: ​ 346.249.7255


Social Media: IG: @the_juju_products


Key Words: Healthy Eating

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