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Just Saying, Thank You!

Updated: May 22, 2021

Just Saying, Thank You is not about how to survive but how to thrive because we are more than Cancer.

Tyesha Renee is the owner of Just Saying, Thank You. It is an online gift shop with breast cancer merchandise, organic products, and masks. She creates digital products such as flyers, posters, courses, and invitations, as well as create custom t-shirts for all occasions, including fundraisers.

Tyesha is also a motivational speaker. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks before her 35th birthday, and it had progressed to Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at 37. They say there is no testimony without a test. She believes it is her purpose to share her experiences with other women to let them know they are not alone. She encourages women to move from Survive to Thrive because we are all more than Cancer.

Owner: Tyesha Renee

Location: Humble, TX

Contact: 346.306.1042


Social Media: IG: @justsayingthanku


Key Words: Breast Cancer Awareness Empowerment Fashion Boutique

#CustomDesign #GiftShop #BeatCancer #LifeAfterBreastCancer

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