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KB Squared Professional Services

Need some assistance with your business? Check out KB Squared Professional Services.

KB Squared Professional Services is bringing more than 20 years of professional and personal experience to Entrepreneurs, Writers, and Consultants in the form of three areas of professional services-literary consultancy, virtual executive assistance and online business management and consultancy

We keep a moderate list of clients so that each one feels like family and gets the service and attention they deserve.

Get yourself a "Kendra" for your business and "Let Our Desk Be Yours".

-Kendra Black | Founder

Owner: Kendra Black

Location: 24200 Southwest Fwy 402 294, Rosenberg, TX 77471

Contact: 281.624.7181


Social Media IG: @kbsquaredmedia_va


Key Words: Business Solutions

#Business #BusinessSolutions #VirtualAisstant #CareerAssistant

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