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Keevents Concierge

Updated: May 23, 2021

Enjoy your happily ever after with the one you love with Keevents Concierge.

Keevents Concierge plans romantic Houston events. Lasting relationships don't just happen, they are built through intentional action and fortitude. Through our Romantic Event Planning and Concierge Services, Keevents Concierge is KEY to their couples' "Happily Ever Afters". Keevents Concierge provides event planning and design services for intimate romantic events. These include date nights, romantic room makeovers, proposal planning, intimate anniversary and birthday events, and Houston wedding planning and design. Additionally, Keevents Concierge has a concierge service that will tackle any size task such as gift procurement and delivery. They also offer annual Couples Retreats, monthly group date nights and quarterly singles events. Book today for your happily ever after.

Owners: Rekita King

Location: ​Houston, TX

Contact: 832.987.3451


Social Media: IG: @keevents_Concierge FB: Keevents Twitter: @Keevents_Co


Key Words: Date Night Romance

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