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Kidbro’s Spaghetti

Check out Kidbro’s Spaghetti where Spaghetti Deserves its Own Classic Line™... “Love at First Slurp.”

Kidbro’s Spaghetti is created from the southern style of Mississippi cooking. Owner, Daniel Brown was raised with 4 sisters and the glory of two loving parents married for 30+ years. Her parents made sure everything they did became a tradition, using pride as their fuel and love as their mission.

Kidbro’s Spaghetti serves deliciously unique dishes sure to satisfy your taste buds such as Jerk Spaghetti. Which is created with a unique combination of spices mixed with a twist of southern style cooking; this menu item has everyone’s heart & stomach. Everything made fresh, everything made with family in mind, the sauce that keeps my family together. Eat Kidbro’s Spaghetti

Owner: Daniel Brown

Location: Houston,Tx

Contact: 832.453.3169


Social Media: IG: @eatkidbros


Key Words: Food

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