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Klean Klosets by Kyanna

Create a clutter-free home with Klean Klosets by Kyanna.

Klean Klosets by Kyanna focuses on organizing spaces to make life functional for all. Our mission is to organize and clean homes with love, care, and passion because cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Our business focuses on making life easier and more functional for people that desire to be more organized in their daily routines. We focus on creating clutter-free homes (closets, pantries, garages, etc…) customized to meet our clients’ needs. From the simple to the most detailed, we are trained to offer systems that work for anyone. As a professional organizer, my main goal for my clients is for them to be open to change and get them in the routine of putting things back in their place. 

Owner: Kyanna Ferguson

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 214.310.7313


Social Media: IG: @kleanklosetsbykyanna

Keywords: Cleaning Services

#HomeOrganizing #ClosetCleaning #PantryOrganizing #GarageCleaning #CleanSpaces #CleanHome

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