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Kutie Fruity Kreations

Updated: May 24, 2021

Enhance your next event with a fruit platter from Kutie Fruity Kreations.

Kutie Fruity Kreations is a Fruit business, which provides an alternative other than the standard cake. Kutie Fruity Kreations provides 100% fruit cakes and also creates fruit platter and table for wedding, party, baby showers, anniversary, dinner, ect.

Kutie Fruity Kreation's mission is to always be fresh, always be creative, and always strive to wow their customers. Kutie Fruity Kreations created by being the go to company for customized fruit for for special occasions and a prayer. Kutie Fruity Kreation fruits are available for pickup or delivery, book today for your next event.

Owners: Ashley Celestine

Location: Missouri City, TX

Contact: 512.961.0419


Social Media: IG: @kutiefruitykreations FB: Kutie Fruity Kreations


Key Words: Catering Fruit Display

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