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Leasebuylist specializes in providing excellent customer service. Whether you're looking to Lease, Buy, or List I can help you create a strategy so you can make the best decision to meet your real estate needs.

Owner Courtney Johnson, graduated from both University of Houston and University of Houston Clear Lake. Coupled with his housing experience and real estate knowledge he also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Working as a Realtor with Coldwell Banker gives him access to a wealth of tools to help clients find a property, better understand market trends, and give your home a larger platform to increase its visibility to get sold.

Getting you into a new home is math not magic. Let Courtney run your numbers and get you pre-approved today, then Leasebuylist can start looking for the right property for you. Leasebuylist works for you - their job is to supply you with knowledge and wisdom, so you can make good decisions. Hire Leasebuylist today.

Owners: Courtney Johnson

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.423.9844


Social Media: IG: @leasebuylist


Key Words: Real Estate

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