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Enhancing your company's portability with Legacy Distribution.

Established in 2018, Legacy Distribution is one of the fastest growing small business water distribution companies. The stability of its partnerships enables it to pursue a long-term management policy. By virtue of its diversification procedures, which is based on innovation and cutting-edge development strategies, it currently has a strong position in two areas of business: transport and logistics. One of their top products is a real artesian water called 1186 that is currently in 12 HEB stores now and is looking to expand and make a huge impact in their communities.

Legacy Distribution is dedicated to enhancing our client’s portability through providing synergies & product procurement services. Delivering quality in product logistic management through outstanding customer service, Legacy establishes a seamless relationship between client and vendor, adding value through constant quality control review while giving our client’s real-time access to their product’s logistic

chain. Enhance your company’s Legacy with, Legacy Distribution.

Owner: Warren Ervin, Rosendo Solis, Victor Bonner, esq., Richard Jennings

Location: 5301 Polk St., suite F12, Houston, TX 77023

Contact: 832.519.8465

Email: rjennings@legacydistribution.org

Social Media: IG: @legacydistribution_tx

Website: www.Legacydistribution.org

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