Leve Sea Moss Co.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Begin your journey to holistic healing with Leve Sea Moss Co.

Leve (la•veé) = Rise Up. Rise Up Kings & Queens! L: Lifting E: Ethnic V: Vessels E: Everyday Leve Sea Moss aims to uplift our community through nutrition, wellness and education. What you put into and/or on your body plays a significant role in your health. Here at Leve, they will empower our Kings & Queens to sustain a healthy lifestyle through the natural resources that the Earth has provided us. All products are plant based, organic and infused with crystals. Let’s start your journey to holistic healing and achieving optimal health!

Their mission is to heal and educate our community in order to remain healthy (spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally) solely to RISE UP and conquer what is rightfully ours! The Black Community has been hindered due to lack of educational resources, nutrient-dense eating options and socioeconomic issues that prohibited the members from living a healthy lifestyle conducive to his/her longevity. After being diagnosed with multiple health issues, both of the owners of Leve decided to transition to a plant-based lifestyle in August 2017. After reversing these past illnesses, both losing close to 100 pounds and analyzing research and data from the lifestyle transition, the Co-Founders decided to develop quality health food products that will aid in helping our community seek the REAL “Fountain of Youth.”

Currently, Leve Sea Moss offers 4 different sea moss gels options from the ‘Shades of Melanin’ collection in addition to a monthly membership package called the Leve League. If you want to sample different options then there is a ‘Melanin Remix’ Celine to choose from. They hope to encourage individuals on the importance of maintaining their health, provide positive and proactive advice along with guidance to seeking a reliable form of acquiring nutrients needed on a daily basis.

Owners: Brittany & Kelly Walker-Craig

Location: Houston TX

Contact: 346.291.7797

Email: leveseamoss@gmail.com

Social Media IG: @leve.seamoss

Website: www.leveseamoss.com

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