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Medley Inc.

Updated: May 13, 2021

Enhance your brand with Medley Inc.

At Medley Inc. they specialize in helping clients reach diverse markets through public relations, branding and digital media marketing. Founded in 2009, Medley Inc. serves medium to large organizations with a specific focus on enhancing their digital identity and enriching the lives of all they serve.

Their mission is to strengthen brand reputation, and increase recognition through public relations and digital media marketing services. They will always work creatively, thoughtfully and ethically to integrate public, and community relations with the latest trends in technology. Who we are as a community is directly connected to what we say in the social arena and Medley Inc. is so proud to work with organizations that truly live their values.

They strive to decrease the gap between ideals and actions while discovering new information and opportunities to help their clients achieve the impossible. Helping your brand delight your audiences, they bring a fresh take on digital marketing – reaching diverse markets and increasing brand awareness. They are public relations pros, digital media experts and experienced brand strategists.

Owner: Ashley Small

Location: 2617 Bissonnet St., Houston,TX 77005

Contact: 281.846.5976


Social Media: IG: @medleyinc FB: Medley Inc.


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