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Ladies if your Vajayjay needs a make over, Mymyatt can take care of all your needs

Mykelle is a Sex Enthusiast, with a wide range of studies in holistic health, reproductive health, tantric sexuality, Kama Sutra and herbal-ism. Through trial and success, life has been her biggest teacher. With years of experience assisting women of all ages, she is confident she can be of service to you on your journey.

Mymyat is a company & lifestyle brand that focuses on creating products and courses that help enhance the confidence in women to owning their sexuality, beauty and health.

The Mission at Mymyat is to inspire as many women, of all ages to embrace their sexuality and to live life on terms defined by oneself.

Owner: Mykelle Jordan

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 409.449.1463


Social Media: IG: @mymyaat


Key Words: Vaginal Wellness

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