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N-ovative Fitness

Updated: May 20, 2021

Begin your fitness journey with N-ovative Fitness to reach your fitness goals.

N-ovative Fitness is a small personal training facility designed to help guide, and motivate people to reach their fitness goals. N-ovative Fitness offers 1 on 1 personal training and small group training that is for all ages and fitness levels. Workouts are set up in circuit training style using weights and cardio movements also known as F. I. T. (Functional Interval Training). Owner Nicholas Smith has been a trainer for over 10 years and has been through his own weight loss journey, so he knows the struggle and what it takes to reach a goal.

Owner: Nicholas Smith

Location: 14200 McNair St #7 Houston, TX 77015

Contact: 713.628.1209


Social Media: IG: @fitnessislife80 FB: N-Ovative Fitness


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