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NaConda N. Frank Consulting

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Begin your journey to homeschooling with the help of NaConda N. Frank Consulting.

NaConda N. Frank Consulting offers homeschool coaching & consulting services nationwide, helping families find their hope in homeschool. She offers individual consulting options as well as group consulting options, such as her most popular class, "Homeschool 101: How do I start?" NaConda is a Third Coast native and a married homeschooling mom of five. She has been a home educator for about eight years. Her passion is helping people, thus sparking her entrepreneurial journey into the world of consulting.

After having suffered with mental illness for over a decade, NaConda decided to take her life into her own hands, creating space for her to heal herself as well as changing aspects of her life to becoming more positive and God-centered. In doing so, she has found a wealth of other moms who struggle daily and sometimes silently from the angst of mental illnesses, and she wants to let them know that there is still hope in spite of what they are experiencing.

NaConda has authored & co-authored two Amazon best-sellers, both touching on her journey as a home educating entrepreneur, and her claiming the victory over her battles with depression & anxiety. NaConda's gentle spirit & voice give way to her being known as "The Homeschool Whisperer." She speaks motivating words on her social media platforms and provides realistic & encouraging words of wisdoms as a speaker for events such as the Created For More: Multi-ethnic Homeschool Moms Conference

Owner: NaConda N. Frank

Location: Lake Jackson, TX

Contact: 979.417.6097


Social Media: IG: @hope_full_homeschooling

FB: NaConda N. Frank, Consultant

Twitter: @naconda_n_frank YouTube: NaConda Frank


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